Friday, August 24, 2007

Are our young black men lost?

Hip hop, black on black crime and the total disrespect of black women by black men begs to ask the question "Are our young black men lost?"

Young black men from the ages of 15-27 seemed to live in a world of disconnect. They do not care about much of anything, besides cars, rims, clothes, sex and money. We can point our finger at and criticize them, but what does it do for black society as a whole. Would we want any of these young 'thugs' to marry our daughters or to raise our grandchildren?

As a mother of two school age black girls, I am concerned about what the future holds for them in terms of relationship. Ladies, if you think it's hard to find a good black man now, just think about what our daughters are going to deal with ten to twenty years from now. Are they going settle a brother who only served one to 3 years in jail, comparison to the brother who served 10-20.

How can these men provide for their families with criminal backgrounds or only going after a high school education, because they were too busy trying to start their record label. Why isn't anyone teaching them that they all can't be rappers and ball players. This why the Forbes List of biggest hip hop earners isn't anything to celebrate in our community. These men make their money playing into racial stereotypes about black men and women. My fear is young men will see this as their meal ticket to fame and fortune. Why become a doctor, lawyer or educator when you can make millions taking about how many women you can get and how what kind of car you drive. Hell, porn star, Jenna Jameson make millions, but is it anything to publicizing to young girls.

True, white and asian teen age boy listen to the same music, but they take it for what it is, ENTERTAINMENT!!! They go on with they lives, go to college, build careers, have families. Our young men view it as a way of life. Whose fault is it they can't differeniate truth from fantasy?

It's time we ask ourselves why are our young men so lost.

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