Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Issue of the Weak

Why are black men fighting their right to demean us. David Banner going on a publicity tour and cursing out Al Sharpton for his right to degrade black women. This man is a college graduate and still uses vulgar language to respond to criticism of his music. Like so many rappers, he believes just because he does charity work he shouldn't be rightfully criticism for using some words people find offensive. Doing charity doesn't make you a better person. Heck, I know dope dealers who give out Christmas gifts to poor kids in the projects, but it doesn't make them a better person, just a nicer dope dealer.

Mr. Banner's cursing out Al Sharpton only co-signs what many in the mainstream media feel about rappers. For once I would like all these hip hop stars to just stand up and say the truth. And that is 'they don't give a damn about anyone, because they are getting paid'.

Akon, David Banner, 50 Cent, R. Kelly, and Snoop are all over thirty years old. It's it time they grow up and be real 'black' men. I swear some of our men are stuck in a state of perputual adoloscence.

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