Monday, August 20, 2007

We Got to Change our ways

These are 12 principles given out by Nannie Helen Burroughs years ago on how blacks can uplfift ourselves. How odd that we still have not embrace good sound advice from our elders.

12 Things Nannie Helen Burroughs Said the Negro Must Do....
1. The Negro must learn to put first things first. The first things are: education, development of character traits, a trade and home ownership.
2. The Negro must stop expecting God and White folk to do for him what he can do for himself.
3. The Negro must keep himself, his children and his home clean and make the surroundings in which he lives comfortable and attractive.
4. The Negro must learn to dress more appropriately for work and for leisure.
5. The Negro must make his religion an everyday practice and not just a Sunday-go-to-meeting emotional affair.
6. The Negro must highly resolve to wipe out mass ignorance.
7. The Negro must stop charging his failures up to his "color" and to White people's attitude.
8. The Negro must overcome his bad job habits.
9. The Negro must improve his conduct in public places.
10. The Negro must learn how to operate business for people -- not for Negro people, only.
11. The average so-called educated Negro will have to come down out of the air. He is too inflated over nothing. He needs an experience similar to the one that Ezekiel had --(Ezekiel 3:14-19). And he must do what Ezekiel did
12. The Negro must stop forgetting his friends.

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